WM 2014 Brazil Chile 3-2

Hosts Brazil escaped Chile 3-2 on a penalty shoot-out to reach the World Cup quarter-finals Saturday, thanks to two saves from Julio Cesar, the goalpost and successful spot kicks from David Luiz, Marcelo and Neymar. Belo Horinzonte, Brazil (dpa) - The whole of Brazil held its breath as penalties were required to decide a round of 16 game that was tied 1-1 after 120 minutes. Brazil won their third out of four shoot-outs at a World Cup, losing the first one in the 1986 quarters against France before succeeding from the spot in the 1994 final against Italy and the 1998 semis against the Netherlands. The shoot-out against Chile went as following, with Brazil starting: 1-0 David Luiz beats Claudio Bravo into the left corner 1-0 Mauricio Pinilla aims straight at Julio Cesar 1-0 Substitute Willian sends Bravo into wrong corner but aims wide left 1-0 Alexis Sanchez aims low left but Cesar dives to stop the ball for his second save 2-0 Marcelo aims mid-high left to beat Bravo 2-1 Charles Aranguiz smashes the ball into the roof of the net to revive Chile's hopes 2-1 Hulk aims right at Bravo 2-2 Marcelo Diaz sends Cesar diving to his left and scores into the middle of the goal to level matters after four penalties each 3-2 Neymar keeps his cool and beats Bravo into the low left corner 3-2 Gonzalo Jara is denied by the right post which gives Brazil victory

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